Easter is a symbol...of renewal, of life springing from death. This renewal has been celebrated since the beginning of time, in fact, the premise of Christianity, Jesus rising from the dead, has been a theme existing well before the new testament was written.

The earliest record of resurrection stems from Egyptian and Greek cultures, and carries into Judaism, Islam and I am sure in many other religions.

Here, in many parts of the northern hemisphere, Easter coincides with spring, when all that has died from the season past, is born again.

I have spent much time thinking about this while rubbing my daughter's belly, swollen with the life of her little boy. I think of it each time someone I know dies. I think of all of our parts in this cycle, for as soon as we are conceived we begin the slow, or for some, a more rapid descent to death.

I don't know what lies in the great beyond past death. I don't know if I am reborn into another body, or if my body is raised from the dead at the end of the world. But I live each day as if it was my last, and give as much love as I can.......

Here is to spring, rebirth, love, sacrifice and service to others.

Happy Easter and Spring.


of course, a picture of Alanna with her Easter basket...........


annie kelleher said…
whatta cutie!! and an interesting and insightful easter blog... happy spring! :)

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