Landing in Washington D.C. at Regan National and Alanna wearing my sun glasses

Delicioso is a word that my three year old granddaughter taught me upon arrival. It is how I would describe my adventures in life and my love for my friends and family.

My trip from New York to Nashville yesterday was non-eventful, but at the same time there are always meaningful events that take place and my adventures. Non- eventful is good when you are flying; no problems getting to or parking at the airport, no problems at security, no delays, no mechanical problems, minimal turbulence, and nice people to sit next to. Meaningful things happen when you experience something new or meet someone who provides insight, inspires, or entertains.

The best part of my trip was meeting Pam on the leg from Albany to Washington D.C., a woman my age who had fairly recently finished her doctorate degree and works for NC State in the Engineering Department. Liberal, intelligent, very hip with much panache, she has been an organic farmer, and now is an educator and presenter on alternative energy development.

We both had a long layover in D.C., so we went to a pub for lunch and drinks. After all, we were both on "vacation" and did not have any driving responsibilities, so why not? I think we have connected as friends, and I will certainly look her up when I drive down south this summer, and she knows she has a place to stay in the Hudson Valley.

Megan and Alanna showed up as soon as I found the Baggage Claim area, and soon we were heading to their home. An evening full of hugs, kisses, and Alanna telling me every other breath:
"MiMi, I love you SO MUCH." Then Megan and I spent the evening checking out Megan's Pure Romance Products, and then watching sit coms together in bed.

Life doesn't get sweeter than this. As I reminded Megan over breakfast this morning, it all comes down to love. My 50 years of living can be distilled into one word...LOVE. That is all that matters.

Patti O Love


Judy Vars said…
"Delicioso" indeed you have a wonderful outlook on life, love, family and friends.
I'm glad to know you.
Smiles and a hug
Judy V

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