On Beaver Pond

Beaver Pond
Cody fetches a stick
Bardet and I
Bardet and Karen.

Yesterday I felt terrible, so I called in sick. It was on a Conference day, and I was not about to sit and listen to lectures with a splitting headache. I have weathered going to work and being there for kids for 2 weeks now, and decided I needed a day to take care of myself.

Of course taking care of myself meant sleeping in, swallowing several Tylenol, breaking down and taking a Claritin, and drinking hot tea and ciders. After I felt I could go on with my day, I focused on taking care of art business.

I finished the second of three pieces for a show which are due by Thursday, and I finally managed to submit photos of my paintings and mixed media work for another show in September. I don't know if I will be juried in, but as they say, you can't win if you don't play. My life has been so centered around my job and this horrid In Design class, and I have had to push everything else aside.

I ended the day with a three mile walk along the rail trail with my two closest of friends. Bardet is here for a few days from Sausalito, so I snatched her up for a mellow adventure along the ancient track beds which are used by runners, dog walkers, and bikers. The trail is a short walk through the woods from Karen's house.

I am blessed to have such wonderful friends, even if I only see some of them a few times a year. I cannot imagine my life without them. There are no pretenses, no jealousies, just pure love and caring that I have found mostly only in women in my life. I am lucky that I have that in my marriage too, but if it weren't for my women friends, I think I would be in deep trouble.

Our walk was about 3 miles, and we took Cody along with us. He loves to swim in all the little ponds and streams that run along the walk, though some of them are pretty gross, and when he shakes himself off we are showered in stinky scummy water, lol. I am still marvel that this entire pond was made by the fortitude and instinct of such little animals. It inspires me.

The end of the day was a trip to Lowes where I found out that my little garden plan won't work...and those fences they sell that are faux iron ...will fall apart and rust in one season. So I will do raised beds and figure out how to keep the deer and other critters out without ugly fencing marring my yard and causing whispers among my neighbors. I live in a upper middle class neighborhood where many of the people still continue to spray their lawns with chemicals. Any suggestions or photographs of how you solve this problem are welcomed!

Off to start my Saturday jaunt....and adventures!

Cheerio Pattio!


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