Two Things that Make me Nuts

Again somehow it has gotten awfully late and I have run out of time to do much around here.

A long day which started with a horrid headache and ended with a meeting. I came home to discover it was a delightful spring day after being cooped up inside the building, so I took a long walk up and down the hills of my city, listening to my Ipod. Afterwards I worked online, and made a trip to the store to buy some art supplies. I stopped at a friends house for dinner, and now I am home with a few minutes to spare before I have to head to bed.

I can not help but comment upon two things that make me nuts.

One is poor driving etiquette. When I am doing 55 miles an hour, and someone pulls out right in front of me, then proceeds to do 35 miles an hour the entire time he/she is driving, I want to commit some road rage atrocity. Please take note that I am for the most part, a very calm and generous driver, who is NOT prone to road rage, but come on, is this not tempting fate? And, I live on roads that are miles before there is even a passing zone!

The other thing is people not picking up after their dogs.

I live in a very lovely part of my city, with old historical houses and manicured lawns. Yet many people walk their dogs and don't pick up after them when they take a dump. I am constantly having to watch where I walk, as there is dog shit in the road, on the sidewalks, in the grass. I KNOW one of these days I am going to be digging it out of my sneakers with a pencil again.

I also have a very narrow strip of lawn by the curb, where I often have to shovel up other people's dog shit. It isn't the dog's fault. I even got into it with one of my neighbors who let their dog out unleashed, and the dog would come over to my lawn and take a crap.... After months of this my kids got sick of it, and when I was sleeping one afternoon, threw the dog crap over into the neighbor's yard. I guess it hit the house, and the convertible, and I got a phone call from a very angry neighbor threatening me with legal action.

I laughed and told them that I did not tell my children to do this, that I had better manners than that, but indeed, we were all sick of having to shovel the lawn, and we did not even have a dog! Needless to say, the dog got tied up, but my neighbor and his wife did not talk to us for years. No loss I say. They obviously thought they were above the law, and had no concern for their neighbors, so what kind of friends would they make?

Thanks for letting me vent. I have been doing a lot of driving and walking, and had to get this off my mind.

May the road be smooth and swift, and your travels be shit free.

Patti O Complainer


Anonymous said…
I hope that this is one of the lessons I can teach my goddaughter one day..."Full range of motion, throw upwards, hiyaaa!!!"


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