Yesterday I asked the kids what they were doing this weekend. They reminded me Sunday was 4-20. I groaned and said GREAT---I will have a bunch of brain dead kids on Monday.
They laughed.

SO last night I did my own celebration at my friend's Karen and Phil's. They had the fire set up since the fall, and decided that the first WARM night of the year would be celebrated in a huge fire.

Karen pulled together some quick food, and we all bought a bottle of something, whether seltzer, wine or beer.

The fire was amazing, and just long enough to get in some good conversation. The usual crowd was there, a mix of very liberal interesting people whom I have come to know and enjoy over the years.

Karen's daughter was there with her four friends, all about 16, playing soccer, playing the silly games of teenage girls who still have some semblance of innocence in a world where innocence is taken at a young age.

I am grateful for the times we spend there, in a huge yard, with a big pool, and fab people, and without the fire codes that you have in a city like mine. I think I will have to donate my chiminea to Phil for the pool area. We have had it for 2 years and it is again beginning to be a home for the wasps.

Here are some pics from the event taken mostly by Larry. He forgot his camera, and I didn't, so he stole mine. Oh well, he IS the photographer after all.

Off to shower and get out into the warm spring day. Fabulous day to get a jump start on my garden, as the soil is not too wet and it might rain tomorrow? I it is the PERFECT weather to start my greens.

Till tomorrow! Patti O Garden


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