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If you could see the inside of my head right now, you would see numbers and html fragments floating about in a sea of art images. I have been married to my calculator and to various computers, with little time for creativity save what I can inspire in my classroom. (you know how that makes me crazy). And to boot, I have received calls from shops, galleries, and customers wanting art. Of course that is a good thing, but I have GOT to get these damn taxes done as well as some problem computer work before I can free my mind to create!

I am having a hard time sitting and doing such chores. After I got home I laid down for a nap. That was unsuccessful as the phone kept ringing. So I got up, walked around the dining room table, which is covered in taxes, re-arranged the piles, then went for a nice walk.

Once back home, and cooled off, I sat down and looked at the piles for a few moments, then got up and stared cleaning the house because it looks like a clusterfuck.

I hate to clean. I think I have said that many times here. But I hate to do taxes more. I have an accountant, but there is a lot of paper work when you run another business, and it costs too much money to hand over my bags of receipts --I have to do the major chore of organizing them. Some day I will have a computer program or learn Excel as all my html isn't helping me one BIT with my taxes, but for now, it is all done in a ledger, the old fashioned way.

But tomorrow, 4/4 at 4, I will hand it all over, and let the bills fall where they may.

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Judy Vars said…
I've got to do my taxes also, Turbo tax works pretty good. You're so funny, read my blog we are thinking alike. I had a long week and things are a real mess here also.
I should go for a nice walk.

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