New Rule #5: Never Test Drive a Car in Rush Hour

The past two days have been a whirlwind.

Medical tests, work, then on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6-9 I am taking classes in Adobe In Design. My eyes were crossing by the end of the night.

Thankfully, after exhausting myself, I slept a solid six hours.

I must be slowly getting better, at least my cold is, as I found my sense of humor returning. I actually laughed a few times today, much to the relief of my students and co-workers.

I screwed up an appointment today, and found myself with an extra hour or so of free time, so I stopped by the Honda dealership and test drove a top of the line Civic, and an Accord Coupe.

My salesman has been a friend for 30 years, and I totally trust him. He gave me the keys, and told me to take them out in the highway and on some of the windy roads to see how they drive. I went home to pick up Larry to join me, and we had a blast except that we got behind every SLOW driver out on a nice spring evening sightseeing, or there was lots of rush hour traffic, and I barely got to test the cars ability to accelerate and handle back roads at moderate speeds.

I did enjoy inhaling the black leather, playing with the heated seats (as I say there is nothing like a hot ass...) and playing with the satellite radio and electric seats.

I told John I will return to test drive the Sedan AND the the two seater convertible...and I know he will oblige me. If I can't afford a convertible, then perhaps I can make a hobby out of test driving various makes and models around New York State. Just the thought of it makes me grin.

Off to bed...till the next installment.

Patti O Driver


Liz said…
Hello darling. Long time no speak. I hope you feel better soon. I have been worried about you. Though, I know you are a tough cookie and I am sure everything will be fine! We should have an R&F date again soon (before the workshops start). I had such a great time with you there and would love to go back! Talk to you soon.

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