I regret not bringing my camera with me today on my 4 mile walk with Karen on the Rail Trail.

The trail is the old railroad track which has been torn up, and the path left for walkers, bikers, runners etc. to enjoy. It is rough in some places, smooth in others, and where we walked winds through the woods.

We came to a HUGE pond/lake, where I asked Karen if there had been a fire. She said no, it was all built by beavers! There are acres and acres of water, and I was amazed at what the work of beavers had done.

I got to see trees in the process of being cut down by beavers, the fresh chips scattered about. I saw the huge dams they had built, as well as many trees which were dying from all the water.

Karen said beavers are rather Imperialistic, turning as much land as they can into an aquatic environment.

Next time I will bring the camera.

I did make it to the doctor today, and I have a long list of tests and specialists that I have to go visit. Gastroenterologist, dermatologist, my foot surgeon, and the you know what doc for starters. Blood work, sonograms, blah blah blah. It sucks to get older.

When Lynne, the PA I have been seeing for 30 years, asked me what was up (I hid the list I had for the first few minutes of my visit) I glibly said, oh, "no matter how little I eat, or how much I exercise, my hips and butt just keep getting bigger.".

Good thing she has a good sense of humor.

Patti O Damage


Anonymous said…
Let's hope NY state doesn't follow the example of Michigan in dealing with the dam beavers!
Anonymous said…
Oops, that was me that commented. You don't have an anonymous stalker.
annie kelleher said…
wow i hope you are okay!!!! good luck with all those tests!!!!

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