Just Resting

So though I have gone to work (again, no fever) and struggled through the day, my spare time has been for the most part car sitting quietly on the computer online, or resting.

This car thing has me nuts. I have come to the decision that I cannot afford what I want unless I lease, and that what I can afford in the sporty style amounts to a VW.
Perhaps I can get a nice GTI or Jetta for my money, and I have decided that the Mini Cooper, though adorable, is just that--a fun, adorable car that is not practical for the adventures I have been known to go on. I need to be able to fit anything from canvases to people or luggage in my car at any given moment. I know I have the CRV, but that is for hauling the big and messy stuff.

I have my sonogram tomorrow morning, and if I get really brave, I will get my blood work done too. Then I will see what those results are before I schedule any more testing. I am keeping a positive outlook.

I get squeamish about it all, but then feel foolish as I think of what Megan has gone through and is still going through. Today she had to have her esophagus cauterized as it has been bleeding, and was bleeding into her lungs. They hope it is from the hiatal heria which is being aggravated from the pregnancy, combined with the destruction from radiation. We just keep our fingers crossed that the cancer has not returned. Can't do much right now except treat what they can while she is pregnant.

Off to check out more cars.

Patti O Driver


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