"I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I am a man." Chuang -tzu

I spent many hours in my studio after work this afternoon after a failed nap. It was more of a meditational session than work, though I did manage to make some cards for both of my clients.

I have not been sleeping well, in fact to be honest, I have slept rather POORLY for 5 days now. I tried to lay down after a busy day, but within 30 minute I was wide awake. I may have gone into the zone for 20 minutes. Perhaps that is all I needed.

I wrote in my dream journal while I was in my studio.

It has been a long time since I have written in a book; most of my work has been done on a computer. I relished the flow of the ink pen I used, the character of my writing, the kinetic energy of the act of writing.

I rarely have excerpted anything from my written works, perhaps this is a first time.

"My dreams have been too disturbing and bizarre as of late to ignore them.

My therapist is away, so I must keep the skeletons of them here (in the journal) for safe keeping.

I don't know why they have come back as of late to haunt me. It seems the harder I seek peace, the more they come and disturb my sleep. They visit--sometimes leaving me with dream hangovers which can last well into the day.

I have finished Cormic McCarthy's The Road. Perhaps it has influenced my dreams, for I feel like I am chased by apocalyptic demons"

Someone at work told me there was a recent show on night demons. All I can think of is poor Larry. I don't think he has gotten a good night's sleep either.

Off to watch the second move of Elizabeth with Kate Blanchett. I think she is one of my favorite modern actresses.

Patti O Dreamer

PS this image was born out of a dream I had. I will never sell this.........


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