Dance Light as my Heart Lays Under Your Feet

The title of tonight's blog is also the title I used for my daughter's blog MEGANAID. It is a poem I found in an 1800's book, and I used it in the artwork which I posted tonight. The piece is actually called Hope for Megan; it is one of the many phrases used throughout the piece.

I finished the work, as well as the other two, and am prepared for tomorrows drop off
I am happy with it; it is intense and wrought with symbolism.

The two shells on the top were used in the Victorian era to ward off the evil eye, and the hope piece was given to me by a friend. The Milagros are Mexican symbols of hope and healing, as are the daffodils. The photograph of Megan was taken by Larry several years ago, and was used for a poem that I wrote. I used encaustics (wax) in the piece, and mounted the print on top of a CDV photo from the 1800's. The box is a damaged wood cigar box, and it is filled with antique images and text. dripped with beeswax and encaustic medium.

Two of the three pieces are not for sale -- besides, no one would buy such personal pieces. I think they are some of my strongest, and the artwork that springs from deep with in my heart and soul are the most moving.

However I have been surprised and people have bought some of these intense pieces from me because they speak to them. I have a difficult time letting such pieces go,but knowing that they have found good homes makes it easier.

I am off to bed. I have worked a 12 hour day, briefly interrupted by a brisk walk.

Till tomorrow,

patti o art work


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