Cars. Remember that group? Flashback to the 80's.

Anyway, I am doing a survey. A car survey. Yes, I know, you are sick of my car talk by now (hey, that is a GREAT show on WAMC--- I LOVE listening to those guys!) But I won't get it out of my system until I make the purchase.

For those of you who follow this blog, and like surveys, I am interesting to know the following:
1.What kind of a car do you own.
2. Do you love it? If so, what about it do you love? If not, what about it do you hate?
3. If you had a magic wand, what would be the next car you would buy?

I know I am going thru some kind of mid-life car crisis. If I could have a magic wand I would buy TWO cars. One sports car, and one really cushy one. Being that I can only afford one, I am going for the cushy one with the great sound system, leather, and smooth drive with room, but efficient in gas. This is not an easy choice you know.

And if you don't want to post on this blog, my email addy is readily accessible thru my profile page.

I have owned the following cars, purchased from 1976 to present
3 Toyota Corollas - great cars, wrecked one, the front end fell off one, and someone drove into the other and totaled it.
One VW bug that I never did get running.
One primer grey Honda Civic---TINY
2 Ford Fiestas---ex wrecked both of them.
1965ish Rambler w/a 3 on the column-a monster - got a ton of money for it when I scrapped it as it weighed a ton.
A Chevy Nova - orange with a white roof. Ex drove that into a creek.
A VW Dasher which I drove to the ground. LOVED IT.
A 1978 Chevy Malibu Classic. Ballsy car, gas guzzler, sold to my friend Tom
A early Jetta..loved THAT car.
Then my first new car purchase-a 92 cherry red Jetta--- which sucked and after the lease was up, traded it in for a ----
Chevy Lumina Van, which I got rid of once I put 80,000 miles on it.
Then my current car, a 2002 Honda CRV which is almost paid off ...and I will keep for Larry. LOVE that car, but I am ready for a change...

The Honda Accord EX whatever is sounding pretty nice to me right now, and in my budget. I can smell the black leather now, lol.

Off to continue my research,

Patti O Obsessor

My CRV under a blanket of snow at acutually reached 70 today!!!


Judy Vars said…
I'm going to buy a car also and am thinking about a Chevy HHR it looks like a panel truck and would be fun for hauling my art. But I wonder an I going through a mid life crisis and should I get something more comfortable and age appropriate like a Nissan Maxima or some stupid SUV boring....I used to sell cars and when I go car shopping I get too emotional just the kind of customer salespeople love.
Anonymous said…
1. 2007 Mini Cooper
2. Love, love, LOVE it. It's fun, zippy, cute, and gets fantastic gas mileage.
3. Another Mini of course! However, I wouldn't mind a BMW 5-series....
Anonymous said…
Should I be bad and try and convince you to buy a sporty convertible? (for completely selfish reasons of course.) Toyota's and Honda's are great but seem overpriced. My Subaru has been extremely reliable, but boy does it scream soccer mom. I am soooo ready to move on. KiSS

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