Why I MUST Have a Sunroof or Convertible

I spent all day yesterday test driving cars. I started out with the most divine car, the VW Eos. A hardtop convertible WITH a sunroof, and no pillars between the front and back seat windows. Pure unostructed camera views. It had the best seats and lumbar support I have found yet in a car, and it was just plain fun to drive.

I then went to the GTI--a fun spunky car that I took out in a standard but was overpriced it seemed for what it was, and then a Jetta.

I was disappointed in the plastic and controls inside the Jetta and GTI. It was just not the luxury that I am looking for in a car. I will take out the Passat next time, and the EOS again for a longer ride.

I still have the Acura TSX, and the Mini Cooper to test. That is a bit harder as I have to travel further to find a dealer. I am not sure if the Audi is a financial option, unless I find a good used one.

My head is spinning from all the stats, the research, etc. that I am doing. But I do know that it MUST have a sunroof, rockin' stereo, and fabulous seats for my back and hips, and like when I bought my house, and found my man, I am hoping that after all this research, I will know when I find THE CAR.

I also thought what fun it must be to be someone who test drives cars and writes reviews for a side job. Some of the people who test drive these cars drive all around the California coast in them, or in Greece and other exotic environs. Yumm. I would write it from the middle aged woman standpoint, who has been through her share of mini vans and practical vehicles most of her life, and is looking for a little excitement in her life...in the form of a car.

Tonight's photo was taken out of my CRV sunroof....one of the many photos I have shot while on the road.

Patti O Roadster


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