I have had a very full two days, thus my being absent for a day or two.

Today I had to take 1/2 day off for a few appointments, and somehow in between them I managed to sit down in the sun with a few magazines and just relax and turn one shade darker than pale. I have a pile of magazines that have been unread for the past year, (or more..)and in fact, I did not even know what lay between the covers of one of the trade magazines which I was receiving.

At the end of the day I headed up to artist Melissa Harris's studio to buy some inspirational gifts for my girls who are graduating this year. Melissa is an a very special amazing artist and woman, and I always feel gifted when I spent time with her, whether in one of her workshops, or just chatting about life. Check out her line of greeting cards, candles, sketchbooks etc., and had over to her fine art gallery. She is hosting a workshop this weekend, and there may be space left, so contact her if you are feeling the urge for a wonderful art adventure in the Catskills. She has been one of my inspirations in my art and life journey.

Tonight's photos is of Lois and I in the Benz. I have not recovered from that night out gadding about the county. My eyes are still itching, and I have had a sinus headache for days. I bought some saline nasal spray in hopes that it will help me some. I hate to use the cortisone based sprays, and this is a hell of a lot cheaper and safer, and that was on the advice from my nurse practitioner Lynne, another amazing woman in my life. Oh and a PS..the gall bladder is fine, no stones, but she said that I could have "sludge" which doesn't always show up on a sonogram. My blood work was perfect, my cholesterol 163- that of an adolescent boy, and my thyroid and hormone levels are great. So I am keeping a food diary, and so far have isolated onions as one of the evil doers. I would much rather go Au natural with diet and supplements in my preventative and curative medicine than to be pumped up with all kinds of drugs!

Off to read more of Inez of My Soul. It is one of Allende's more difficult reads, especially when you read it in bits and pieces the way I have been. Still she is a fabulous writer, and I am enjoying the story. I just keep getting some of the characters mixed up. Or maybe it is just because at 11 at night my brain is fried?

Patti O Sunbather


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