I'm Not Wearing Wool

It is April 1st, and I am tired of the cold, the winter weather advisories, the high wind warnings, the flood warnings, and the grey.

I want sun AND warmth with only a minimal breeze. Is that too much to ask?

I have been in clothes crisis. I am tired of velvets, cords, and wools. I yearn for the light cottons of summer, but am willing to meet half way. But the mornings are cold, and for the most part, so are the days.

I have decided to take all the turtlenecks out of my room, as well as corduroy, velvets, and wools. From this point forth I will layer in cottons only and be ready for a morning below freezing, and a day of 70. If my neck needs protection, I will procure some wisp of a scarf.

I want to show my body to the sun so that it may be a little pinker than the palest of white with veins mapping out my true age on my legs.

I want to swim again in cool waters and I want to be brown.

I want to wear next-to-nothing.

Patti O Summer


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