The Joy of Surprise

I have been sick with some choking post nasal drip that has settled into my chest and now I am losing my voice. (oh is Larry happy). I am pretty sure it is viral, and not from allergies. If it is allergy related, then I am in BIG trouble as the only things blooming are a few crocuses.

I did go to work today as I did not have a fever, and I still can hear my mother saying "if you don't have a fever then you can go to school". And so I did.

But there were a few surprises yesterday that made me smile.

After my massage, I headed over the Rhinecliff bridge and marveled at how the clouds and jet trails left geometric designs against the fading blue sky. I have not been carrying my camera with me these days, so I had to document the essence of it in Photoshop for tonight.

When I got to Lois's, she said, "come outside, I have a surprise." There behind her shop was a FABULOUS white Mercedes hardtop convertible, with red leather seats. She said "hop in", and proceeded to press some magic button, and the car was turned into one of those Transformer toys. Motors whirled, the trunk opened, wing-like appendages folded in, the top smoothly slid into the trunk, and we were ready to cruise for the first top-down drive thru town.

We stopped by Kips (who was recently on Martha Stewart for his amazing wood bowls). He welcomed us with beer in crystal wine glasses that gave me a workout lifting them as they must have weighed 5 lbs a glass. His house smelled of fresh tomato marinara...which he had used to smother his fish dinner in.

After my haircut, Lois and I grabbed a bite to eat at bean soup (ouch...I paid dearly for that) and a wild oyster mushroom saute done in red wine and spices, served over a potato pancake.

I started feeling ill, so I headed home, but with a smile on my face.

Ah, the simple things in life. Color, clouds, and a ride in a VERY luscious car.

It's all good.

patti o pleasure


inventivesoul said…
Hi Patti!
I do hope that you are feeling better by now!

I've been ill too, and odd dreams (slight terrors) accompany...

I have been wondering WHY I am dreaming about people and situations from my past.
Doing and saying things that I would not do now.

The trip through town sounds like it was fun!
Take good care of yourself.
annie kelleher said…
im so sorry to hear you are sick... hope you feel better soon and your ride sounds great,,, a healthier version of thelma and louise :)

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