Light the Way

I have been sick. Chest cold, suspected gall bladder problems. It has put a huge cramp on my otherwise busy life. I have not been able to do much, work out, and now it appears that all that I love to eat and drink is causing me great woe. It is to the point that I MUST get my sonogram done (one of a few) but the symptoms with the most pain get handled first.

We went to Catskill last night for dinner at the Thai restaurant and a lovely stroll through the village. It was their open house night and I was amazed at how much work and dedication has been made to revitalize what was once a fabulous little town.

It is hard to do something like that when there is so much poverty in the surrounding area, but advances have been made, and my brother in law has worked very hard along with other people to develop a community center for kids.

Speaking of doing things to help others, Aveda has a promotion going on now with a candle called LIGHT THE WAY that is available in Aveda Salons. 100% of the proceeds help protect clean water, and the lavender oil used in the candle comes from a farm in Bulgaria that was able to rebuild and sustain its community in an otherwise impoverished and oppressed land. No toxic fertilizers or pesticides are used upon the land.

The candle is 10.00, and supplies are limited. I have asked my friend Lois to order more for me if she can; I will give them as gifts. She has an Aveda Concept Salon in Rhinebeck, so if you are local, stop by or call to see if she has more.

Doing my little bit each and every day.

Patti O Candle


MB Shaw said…
So sorry you are feeling puny. I guess your body is talking back to you, huh? Be kind to yourself :-)

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