Crash of the Titan

I have been having horrid computer problems, but so has Google/blogger. I was unable to access blogger from my home computer which keeps crashing, nor from my laptop which is just fine.

I am sending off for a 350 gig portable hard drive from H and M in NYC today so that in the event it totally crashes, which it is about to, I have all of my files. I have many of them on DVDs already, but not all. I am barely able to do this without it crashing or doing things I have never seen before happen on a computer. I think it has run out of memory, as one of the hard drives is only 15 gig...the one that I am running all my programs from, and it may be the power pack too.

IMAC here we come this time around. Too bad it is happening at a bad time when I am looking for a car and don't need to foot the bill of a computer and new programs that I will have to buy for the MAC.

Off to work. I had lots to tell, but will have to wait on that as shower time draws frighteningly near.

Patti O Crasher


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