I'm Mad as Hell

My day started off terribly. I won't get into the history of it all, as I will remain professional, but there are certain injustices that I can no longer keep me mouth shut about.

I am still sick, and after a long, aggravating day at work, I came home for a nap, and then to later sit at my computer to pay bills, write some letters, make some donations, and thought WAIT A MINUTE--I still have several letters to write about situations that need to be rectified, and tonight was the PERFECT day to resolve some issues.

Now I am not a difficult person to please, but when I pay a lot of money for things and get poor customer service, I must speak out. Besides, if no one tells them about it, how can they make right the wrongs?

I started with a letter to the Woodstock School of Art about a terrible class I took there last month, then to WDST about the gift certificate I had won from them that the store owner told us was never authorized by them, insinuating it was fraudulent.
I have yet to write the letter to the Emerson about the conditions of the spa during my massage there (you would NEVER find that at Mohonk!) and finally, the appalling meal I had at the Canal House. (see November 10th or about thereof blog) I know those two are really late, but I have nothing to lose.

I have had TONS of other great experiences, and I write openly about them too.

BUT I WILL NO LONGER SETTLE FOR MEDIOCRITY when I am paying for services that don't quite meet what they claim they are giving you.

And, my body is also disappointing me, so a phone call to the doctor is in order. DO YOU HEAR THAT OH WONDERFUL BODY OF MINE?

In partial jest,

Patti O Complainer


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