Friendly Canadians

After a quick breakfast, we left Calais and headed over the border. While on line for customs, we saw a huge gathering of motorcyclists heading back into the US. I think they were Harley riders coming back from a huge convention that we encountered in a city further up into New Brunswick. They were very friendly, waving to us, and this couple agreed to having their photo taken. The line coming back into the US was two hours long I heard, as it is the big Canadian holiday this weekend. I was glad to be leaving the US and heading into Canada.

We got through Canadian customs easily, laughing with the young customs guy. I can only hope that it will be as pleasant coming back as I heard that the US customs can be real ball busters. We had lunch in Sussex, at the Broadway Cafe, and met Becky, a spunky native girl who was our waitress, pictured here, who told us her customs story. She was going to visit her rich brother in Massachusetts with another family member, and was not allowed to come into the US because all she had on her was 300.00, and she and her family member were accused of going to come into the US to earn money instead of vacation. Her father knew someone in customs, the tape of the incident was reviewed, and the customs officer suspended from his job, but I guess there are more stories like this about the abuse of power at the US border. (Becky, you rocked and lunch was fab!)

Lots of American bashing goes on there, though my understanding is that the Canadian government has its share of abuses and stupidity. Politics aside, we were waved at by many people on our journey on the Trans Canadian Highway and I felt welcomed. Would NYers wave at cars with Nova Scotia license plates? I wonder. They would have certainly NOT had the patience that the Canadian drivers had when we were digging in the car for Canadian change in the cash only lane of the toll booth. (it took us a while to come up with .50 in Canadian cash as we forgot about getting small change!)

The other photo was taken in Sussex, where many of the buildings were painted with huge murals as part of a grant project. The town was quite cute. The other photo was taken as we rode through Nova Scotia.

The house that we are staying in is right on the edge of a huge lake, and it is beautiful. I heard it is going to rain tomorrow, but I don't hold much stock in the weather forecast. It is the 60's, a far cry from the heatwave back home.

Tomorrow will be some sightseeing here in Halifax, and a ferry ride. I need to catch some shut eye as all this sitting and eating and drinking has made me tired!
Patti O Traveler


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