My Boys

I fear that my blogs have been rather boring these days. I guess I have not had much time or energy to write, though I have much to say and there is plenty to tell about.

But at the end of the day, it all stays stuck in my head (sometimes that is better for all concerned) or I run out of steam.

After two days of a splitting headache and the crud settling into my chest, I decided that it is not allergies-I am sick. I am coughing to the point of gagging which disgusts me. I am doing Zicam, health food store remedies, and rest, but damn, this is kicking my ass! I made it through giving my art final yesterday, and then had to go to the senior dinner.

I invited some of my friends and co-workers over to my house for a little "pre-party". Just some light snacks/drinks, and some time to chill out together before we had to be "on" for another 4 hours with our seniors and their friends and families.

Photo is of Ruben, the lead singer and conga player from the Latin Band SONANDOI have worked with Ruben for 16 years and we are the closest of friends. The kids think we are like an old married couple, in spite of the fact that each one of us has always had a significant other in our lives. I joke that he is my work husband who cooks for me and looks out for me in school. Both of us have another 10 years left, and have vowed to keep one another going, laugh and remind one another that we are there for the kids. If you live in the Hudson Valley, and have not heard his band play, you are missing out on a real treat. Lots of salsa dancing music, and they know how to get you moving.

The other cutie, the younger man, is Jesus, my ex-student. He was there when I first started teaching and had a crush on me. Being a new teacher, I told him I was too old for him and I had two children---he would tell me "my grandfather says you are PERFECT for me". I used to be appalled and blush and tell him that he was being inappropriate. Now, some 15 years later, we laugh at those days. He and Ruben are best of friends, and we all get together once a month or so for some R and R. I asked Ruben to take a picture of Jesus and I together, but it was too blurry and I had to delete it :(.

With the ending of the school year, and a summer when we all go our different ways for a few months, I muse about how grateful I am to have such great friends in my life, and in my work place no less.

Today was yoga, shopping, and then I crashed for a few hours before I attended a birthday party for the amazing photographer Charise IsisShe currently has a show in NYC, and is running another Pin Up girl workshop next weekend in Kingston and one the following weekend in Connecticut. A fabulous feminine time for all!

Off to read and get my beauty rest. Tomorrow is Father's Day and Larry and I are going to a party, to dinner, and in between who knows what other adventures we may experience. Hope I feel better!

Patti O Partier.....


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