Blessed Be

I just drove home from the lower Hudson Valley in my car with the top down, 74 degrees, the sun setting red against the cool blue purple of the Catskill Mountains which were silhouetted against the blackness of the New York State Thruway. I am kicking myself for not having bought my camera with me.

I have Sirius Satellite Radio on trial for three months, and I have to say, I am loving it. So far my fave channel is Coffeehouse, Spa, and a Classical Station, but there is so much more to explore. Tonight I play whatever is most soothing and magical.

I have just spent the evening with one of my dearest friends from my art college days. We are so close...and comfortable with one another. I wish I could share such comforts and intimate stories, but this is a public blog, and I am a teacher, and I can't RISK someone taking something the wrong way and accusing me of something that I am not guilty of. I mean, if a teacher can lose a job because they showed a nude photo of a 25,000 year old fertility symbol, what would happen to me?????

Megan is still in the hospital, but thank GOD that Dole is back from Afghanistan (oh what a journey THAT was). Both Megan and Alanna must be thrilled that he is home and from the sound of both of their voices, they certainly are.

I walk on pins an needles. I try and maintain my composure through whatever means I can. Most people don't know much about my personal life these days..I keep it private in school, mainly because it gets so tiring to discuss and I must focus on the kids. But having a child in a hospital with a high risk pregnancy, having a dreadful cancer, and a son with issues of his own can eat at one's serenity no matter how hard i try to keep in balance.

So for tonight I keep serenity in my heart, and my manta is blessed be.

Patti O


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