Seed Sense!

Only 9 teaching days left, YEE HA. The poor kids were horrid however today. Four fights, and lots of unrest in the air. I think it must be that the one thing that they have that is solid in their lives is school, and they will have to struggle on their own for a few months. Some have great lives, but some have parents who are sick in many ways.
Yet I need the summer to rejuvenate myself as I give so much to them during the school year.

I have an overnight trip planned for friday night, and then at the end of June, the day school gets out, I have a road trip with girlfriends to Nova Scotia. A few weeks later I head to Kentucky. Somewhere along the line I will travel to Boston and the Cape, with perhaps another trip or two thrown in. Of course there is work on the house, and work in the studio to be done, but I will allocate my time wisely and get it all done!

Today I had a great walk with two of my closest friends, Bardet and Karen. Later on I made dinner for Bardet who is working so hard to prepare her house to rent. The salad greens came from my garden: red leaf lettuce, baby spinach, arugula, parsley, and cilantro. The main course was either aspargus fritatta, or goat cheese/red pepper ravioli served with a slathering of vodka tomato sauce. Desert..homemade peach pie with vanilla ice cream. (most food courtesy of the Farmer's Market!)Soon I head up to read more about the scandalous life of the English royalty.

It was a splendid day. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful life.

Off to see my husband..who too is wonderful.
Patti O Excitement.

PS. This is a 1901 fab seed catalog I just listed on Ebay under the ID Catskillpaper of course!


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