From the Sick Bed

I seem to be getting worse. After four days this crud has settled fully into my head. I can't breathe..from my lungs or my nose, and I am totally miserable.

I came directly home after my last day of teaching. No top down, no side trips, except to the bathroom to stick a Zicam swab up my nose, to the fridge to down some horrendous tasting homeopathic medicine and then to the bed.

I slept some, but the weather alarm kept going off, and I had kept on the Weather Channel in case some tornado was going to pass this way. I got up and went into the studio for a bit as my client needed more cards, and I need money.

I am fortunate as I live in a valley...where the mountains often divert the storms to the north and south of me. I dread storms, especially since I don't think that the "fix" that the city provided me with is going to work to divert the water from my studio. But that is for another blog, along with a possible promotional radio scam as well as a few other letters long overdue to organizations that have not "delivered".

I did manage to eek out a few cards, and finish my book "The Other Boleyn Girl". The book was a fun read especially for a lover of historical drama. It has inspired me to re-read my Margaret George biography on Henry VIII, as well as my other books on the royalty of England.

Over the years I have read quite a bit of royal biography, such as those on Marie Antoinette, Edward VII, The Duke and Dutchess of Windsor, on Jennie Churchill and others. Perhaps I was a courtier in my past life...

Which brings me to a flashback of a King Crimson album, "In the Court of the Crimson King", an album introduced to me by one of my teenage loves. I recently had a dream about him..where he visited me in my present life, but we were in the bodies of our youth.

Ah, the ultimate. To have the wisdom of our present years, but the beauty of the bodies of our youth. Perhaps that is what nirvana/heaven is.

I have rambled on too long for a sick woman. I hope that the martini that Larry has made me will allow me to sleep for a few hours before I wake up with the coughing.

Perhaps a call to the doc is in order.

patti o sickness


Anonymous said…
Have you ever read about King Ludwig of Bavaria? He was truly a madman. I read "The Mad King", which was slightly dry and academic, but still an interesting read.

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