The Three Graces, or the Three Stooges?

I just got back from my overnight trip to Norwalk CT to attend Jonathan Talbot's opening.

It was a fun trip, an adventure, and I think Annie and Karen conspired to break me of my driving-in-strange-place phobias with a trial by fire. Though we took Annie's ever trusted Garmon Street Pilot, it still has its flaws, and I took several wrong turns. Sometimes I think I would do better with a map and a print out from Google Maps, but it was comforting that I would not get lost as it would re-calculate to get me to where I needed to go in spite of my errors.

Annie tells me it takes some getting used to, all this programming, watching the screen, following directions and listening---all while driving. BUT we got there and back, no major problems, and I know that I need to put that on my list of "must haves" if I am to be adventurous in my life. Ah how technology can put a mind at ease.

A piece of "old technology" that I had never used in my life and that my friends were shocked about, was an eyelash curler. Here is a photo taken by Annie showing me trying to figure out how to use it. Nice cavity view. I managed to figure it out, but not without making red marks on my eyelids that took a while to go away and giving my friends a good laugh!

The other photo is wild...Annie took that at the restaurant by the Sound and we got the waiter Elmer to take a picture of all of us. I tried to get a photo of him, but he said NO. I also tried to get the Harbor police to give us a ride in their boat, but all I got out of them was a chuckle and a flash of their handsome tanned grins. That was enough for us middle ages adventurers.

Of course this was tempered by the fact that Megan is in the hospital, which I wrote about in her blog MEGANAIDbut there was nothing at the moment I could do, and I so needed some fun in the sun and some time just for ME.

Later on I will post pics of Jonathan Talbot's art opening on my Catskillpaper blog.
A girl can only write so much.

Off to eat dinner...Larry has been cooking for what seems forever....making some wonderful salads.

xxx patti o partier


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