On The Farm

I am too tired to find my camera cord to post pictures, but I have some fabulous pics from Halifax, and the 200 acre farm of friends Kathryn and Ed in the country about an hour or so north of Halifax that I am staying at tonight.

I feel like such a kid, and am amazed that in my 50 years of life I have never experienced the workings of a farm. I walked among the huge Percheron horses, watched Ed milk the goats while I pet them. We had a fabulous dinner of ham from their pigs, drank home made grape juice, and for desert Kathryn made goat milk maple ice cream. We spent a lot of time talking politics....and how we desperately hope for change in America, and have to pray for hope with Obama.

I also see the hard work that it takes to run a farm, but sense the joy of living off the land.

AND they have wireless, lol.

I will post more tomorrow when I have more energy and find the cord. The pictures will tell all.

patti o farmer


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