From Portsmouth, NH

Before I took off this afternoon, I happened to gaze at my main garden.

HORRORS. The zuccini flowers were gone, the tomatos were eaten, along with the hot peppers. I am guessing that the F-in woodchuck got pissed at us and climbed the fence and ate the veggies after getting a mouthful of hot pepper. DAMN. But now I am on on the road and there is nothing I can do about it.

Pamela has a taxi yellow Chevy something of a rental car. It is such a kid color, and we got many strange looks on the road. I was beginning to wonder if the license plate had something obscene on it......

Pamela had not slept in nearly 24 hours, so we kept her awake telling her our most outrageous sex stories, coupled with a rest stop at the state liquor store. (to go to the bathroom of course...) I mean, what else are the girls to do?

I am not sure if I will have any connections or availability in Nova Scotia, so if I disappear off the radar for a while, you will know why.

Till the next time, Patti O Adventurer!


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