Tales with my Top Down

It has been a joke these days about my having my top down all the time. The top on my car of course. Oh only if we lived in a society where I could drive with BOTH of my tops down..now that would be TRUE freedom. But in a country where sex sells everything but God forbid you show some flesh, I would be whisked away in a police car and make front page headlines about an immoral, immodest teacher. So I keep one top up and the one that won't get me into trouble down.

On the way back home driving over the Hudson River at sunset, some seventy something degrees, Larry said it was like being a kid again, driving in your go-cart, the wind rushing past you, zooming on four wheels. I have to agree, and this spring (it is still spring!)has been lovely for adventures with the top down.

I am sick....so it was difficult to maintain my positive happy mode all day when it felt like my lungs were going to be coughed up and my head was being seared with hot pokers, but I managed to make the day as mellow and fun as I could for Larry for Father's Day.

A trip to breakfast with my son Will. Then a trip to Woodstock to my amazing therapists party in the fabulous Catskill Mountains near Woodstock. She has been very sick for the past year and almost died. She still is not well, but she had a celebration of living party, and it was most lovely. She had some of it catered by BISTRO TO GO which is a fabulous place on Route 28. In fact, last night's party at Isis's place was also catered by them. I have nothing but great things to say about their food....

After that a trip to a private party at my friend Mill's house. He is a trip. He is Lois's friend, and we had a delightful time with him and his friends. Lois and I are relaxing on his hammock, and I look pretty good for a sick girl, don't you think?

After that we headed over the Hudson River for a delightful romantic dinner at Sabroso. The margaritas rate #1 in the Hudson Valley thus far, and the Latino based cuisine is delectable and "tasty as all hell" --- a direct quote from Larry.

After a nip of his Hanger One Raspberry Flavored vodka that I bought him for Father's Day, I am heading upstairs to relax to a new CD that I also bought him with Yogic music --- some of which is by Deva Primal Check her out and listen to some of the music samples!

Off to my healing and dreamland space,

Patti O Topless


Anonymous said…
OK, Does Lois have family near Denville? Cause I keep running into a legal secretary that looks a lot like Lois? Please let her know I also need a haircut...


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