Mainly in Maine

This will be quick as we are heading for breakfast, then through customs to the Canadian side. We are in Calais, one of the larger towns we have seen in Maine, especially alone Scenic Route 1 and 1A.

Most of yesterday was traveling, stopping only to refuel our car and body. In Brewer we had our first lobster roll at Jimmies, and a nice lobster dinner at the Chandler House in Calais.

I knew we were in Maine when I saw Moose crossing signs, SUV's atop with green canoes, lots of inlets, lakes, and I was amazed at the lack of dead animals on the road. I found that rather odd, and wondered what the highway carrion birds did for food! I only saw 2 dead animals the whole journey, and they were porcupines! How do you a eat a porcupine??!! I actually have decided that the highway department must clean up the animals right away, as well as any garbage because the roads are very clean.

Nothing exciting...which is good, thought I am extremely hormonal and I had a few melt downs when I spilled my water all over the car, had to rip out my contacts as my allergies are kicking my ass, but at least I finally slept last night so I hope I am good to go today.

Off to breakfast, next blog from the province of New Brunswick!

Patti O Traveler


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