Living the Sensuous Life

Part of the into to my blog discusses living life sensuously, but when things get really busy, I sometimes forget to take the time out to do that.

With the ushering in of summer yesterday, I was reminded to slow down and enjoy life.

I got up late, had a slow morning, and before the heavens opened up and the thunderstorms hit, I wandered outside to pick flowers from my garden. This morning I had on a nightgown, which could masquerade as a dress in a pinch, and decided that even though I live in a city, I was going to go out and pick flowers in my sexy long flowing gown.

I wandered through my yard, carefully picking flowers from my beds, taking care to not take too many from this bed, or too many from that. Wild roses, rudbeckia, coreopsis, hydrangea, day lilies, yarrow, and larkspur.

Many of the flowers in my garden grow wildly. Some have self-sown, some have appeared out of nowhere. Some thrive, while others battle for survival from their predators..deer and woodchucks.

After gathering my bouquet, I made French toast out of whole grain bread, with a touch of Chambord, and a sprinkling of blueberries. Local REAL maple syrup of course, washed down with Mimosas made from "champagne" from the Hudson Valley of NY.


When we were ready, we wandered into town, where we did some Christmas shopping in June, along with a meandering through our fabulous local health food store.

I came back to the sun in full swing, and decided to weed my veggie beds, cut back my arugula and spinach, and prepare for another sowing.

Lois came over, we had dinner and drinks, and she bought in a dress for me to try on, a 5,000.00 Alicia Mugetti dress. I felt like I was on the movie set of The Other Boleyn Girl in this fabulous deep red silk/velvet dress, while Larry was snapping away with his camera. I think that is the MOST expensive dress I have ever had on my body, and after feeling it and experiencing the fit, I decided that it was worth every cent.....IF you had the money. Of course, for 5,000.00, I could buy SO MANY THINGS... for my house, for myself, for my family.

Anyway, back upstairs to continue watching the end of the movie, while the thunders rolls around the valley.

Patti O Glamour


Anonymous said…
That dress is absolutely FABULOUS, and you look stunning!
Patti my dear, you are a true goddess, in every sense of the word.
Judy Vars said…
What a georgeous dress and you looks fabulous..

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