And the rain falls...

The Peppermint Patch

The Anal Expulsive Side Garden

The Swiss Chard
Alanna and Randy

We have had so much rain that the seeds I started for my next planting have either rotted, or else the sun hasn't been strong enough to get their little heads to pop up out of the dirt. I am frustrated as they are cucumbers and zucchini and should be in the ground by now, and I have nothing but trays of dirt with puddles.

Of course the rain and the occasional break through of the sun has made my garden lush, as well as the weeds, and our lawn which is looking pretty out of control. I should be out weeding in between showers, but somehow I can't find the energy to do it.

Patti's Peppermint Patch is flourishing, and have discovered the delight of a large pot of fresh peppermint tea to sooth my irritated stomach, which was very upset with last night's debauchery. I cooked up more bok choy and made a huge salad out of the greens still left in the garden. The arugula is past its prime and is nearly 3' tall, and the spinach looks like it is going to seed too. I have a ton of swiss chard and need to figure out how to freeze it for the winter. What to do with a ton of swiss chard I ask, besides share it?

This weather makes me tired, sluggish, and I can't get up the energy to turn the heat on in the studio to work. I have more art work to hang on the walls in there as I picked up cards and art from BECKON, a store downtown Kingston which sold my work. They raised the rent, forcing Maryanne to find another venue. She is hoping to open both a gallery/shop in Saugerties in the fall. I have never had so little closes, my client has not ordered cards in a very long time, so I am trying to make some bucks selling supplies/art, but with little $ coming in. I can't even sell my more valuable things on eBay, because the market is flooded with people's things who are in the same boat, or much worse.

Pics are of the garden, and of the grand kids; another good reason why I find it hard to find time to write.


annie kelleher said…
its great weather to snuggle with the grandbabies though...!!
annie kelleher said…
stop over to my blog, i tagged you for a silly meme...

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