Nina, Pinta and view from the Rhinecliff Bridge

It was such a nice day at work as I got to take some girls out to lunch. It was a beautiful afternoon, and we ate lunch outside on the veranda of the Steel House, which was paid for by the girl's small craft business of making flower pens and selling them during lunch time. They raised 77.00, and when asked what they wanted to do with the money, they said GO TO A REAL RESTAURANT FOR LUNCH.

As we sat on the Rondout Creek, sipping on our sodas and waters, the replicas of the Nina and Pinta motored slowly into their moorings for the weekend. I taught the girls the art of waving to people on boats, explaining the etiquette of boating on the river and creek.

We talked about how difficult a journey it must have been on these boats, which were not that big, offered very little protection from the elements, and how people pooped/peed/bathed 600 years ago while sailing the great seas. Hanging out with teenagers is great because my potty humor is never considered scandalous, in fact, we have conjured up a great idea for an underground book based upon very silly potty humor....

It was an afternoon where a few teachers and students got together and had a good old fashioned fun time, complete with going for Italian Ices. It left a grin across my face.

After coming home, I worked more on the painting. This is the 3rd coat on the sky area. Still more work to do, and I am going to TRY and submit it and a few other paintings to a show.

There's magic in the valley.

patti o painter.


loelbarr said…
Lovely painting, sweetie!

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