The Big Surprise

I woke up early, but decided to finish A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beal. Not light Sunday morning reading; more like a autobiographical true horror story about the civil war of Sierra Leone in Africa, and of the recruitment of young boys as soldiers.

It is a heartbreaking story, and in the end there is a happy ending for this one young man. But it is the ghosts of his story and those who still live the horrors of war that is etched into my being.

Larry and I spent the early part of the day "working the land", our small plot of city soil that we will own in about 10 years. I am determined to keep my soil well conditioned and able to provide us with organic eating from spring to fall. I look forward to eating the crops as each comes into season and there is great satisfaction from doing the work and being able to be reap the benefits.

After a shower, I settled in for a bit of Sunday paper read time. I hear a commotion at the door, someone's voice saying JUST GO IN, and Larry and I look at each other quizicallly. Who would tell their kid to just walk in someone's house? I open the door and stare at this blonde haired, blue eyed Shirley Temple for several seconds, in shock that this child looks uncannily like my granddaughter, who is in Kentucky.

"Mimi it's me!" she says. I close my mouth which has been hanging open and ask: "how did you get here?". She looks at me, confused, and says: "Mama's car!"

They were supposed to be here Wednesday, so this was shocking for me. Two seconds later in comes my daughter, son-in-law, and my blond haired blue eyed heart breaker of a grandson, resplendent in chub, one tooth, and a great big grin that says: "I can't WAIT to get a hold of the cats!".

They stayed for a bit, long enough to take Alanna for a ride with the top down, and show her how the car worked. She sported a pink baseball cab just to use in the car, and grinned ear to ear.

They are here for a few weeks visiting family before they head back. I am keeping Alanna for a few weeks after they leave then flying back with her. School will be letting out, and I will be letting out the kid in me. In my crystal ball I see the water park, the zoo, swimming, movies, parties, play dates, museums, and lots of art time together with her. Oh, and I might have to break my non-dairy fast now and then for the ice cream and bagel parties!

patti o mimi


Judy Vars said…
How wonderful to have Alanna with you for a time.

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