Excuses, Excuses

I have been a bad girl.

Last night I played the infamous beer pong game with the kids and their friends for a bit. I only lasted a few games as I really can't drink, but I was dying to play this generation's "college drinking game" - a very different game from some of the college games I played at their age. It was fun playing with youth half my age, and was honored that they even WANTED me to play. I made sure I did not wear out my welcome, and graciously slid back into the house for the last few games. Besides, it was dark and the mosquitos were out.

I told everyone to leave and continue their partying at 10:30 PM so I could go to bed. I heard Meg and Dole come in at 1, then at 3 AM was woken up by a wild animal screaming - either due to copulation or to death ( or was it copulation - then death, or death then copulation--not sure how that works in the animal world) Just as I got back to sleep I heard the baby crying at 4 and 6. I had a rough time getting up to go to work and resorted to drinking coffee which THANKFULLY did not wreck my stomach.

I had fully intended to come home and nap, but before I knew it I had another "get together" at my house which entailed take-out sushi, and then had to spend and hour or so booking tickets to bring Alanna back to Nashville in July. I found it cheaper to buy 2 one-way tickets, than to buy a round trip ticket. As I was booking and rattling out airport codes, Megan says: "travel much mom?"

I have ignored my painting, ignored my blogging, and spent time with family and friends. In the end that is what counts anyway as I relish the time spent with my daughter, getting to know her husband more, and cherish to fabulousness of those beautiful children they have.

Off to bed........as I write at 11:30 PM, the rotten neighbors are screaming at each other so loud that I can hear them through the walls of two houses. Even Alanna asks "what ARE they doing Mimi?". I tell them that they fight a lot and don't have very good manners. She asks if Larry and I fight like that, to which I reply "not usually". With wide eyed innocence she says: "mommy and daddy argue too. Mommy yells, daddy forgives her, but mommy yells at him anyway." Larry and I chuckle, roll our eyes, and I remember that I too did my share of yelling and arguing....but I have better tools now. Those secrets, I won't tell....especially not to a 4 year old.

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Andrea said…
Out of the mouths of babes! She's something else, isn't she? I miss her so much! Enjoy her while you can, because I get to see her in July--hahahahah!
Anonymous said…
haha, my goddaughter effing rocks!


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