To Play...

I had my four year old granddaughter for the day, so life today was slow and mellow.

She had fresh made juice for the first time.
We picked flowers in the gardens and I showed her how to arrange a vase.
We took photos of one another. She did tonight's portrait of me - set the scene and how I should sit.

She went shopping with Larry for groceries while I took the car to the car wash and spend an hour cleaning it up. (Convertibles are high maintenance. The leaves and road dirt and pollen make a mess of the inside!)

I rested for a bit, then we went to the park to see the peacocks, and play on the playground. We met new people, and Alanna made friends with a girl her age.

I made dinner and she ate all her shrimp, rice with saffron that I hauled back from Spain, and even the stir fried bok choy with sweet red peppers.

To end the day:
A huge homemade chocolate chip cookie.
A Sponge Bob Bubble bath.
Two stuffed animals,
A tuck into bed, kisses goodnight.
She was in heaven.
So was I.

Patti O Play


Anonymous said…
yeah to being a grandma......I miss the days of the little one, but full time might be a bit much at this point, grandma duty seems perfect!!!
ENJOY!! I have to get over to see the munchkins.
Wow, I hope some day my kids will give me the GranmmaShip! One is 21 and one is 10. I have a feeling the 10 year old will be the first one to go there hahahaha! It's all she talks about - wanting to be a mommy! I must make it look like so much fun!

Glad you had such a wonderful day! It can only be healing.
Anonymous said…
That's so funny, because that's the EXACT same way I like to finish my day after a long drive...


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