I started my first day of vacation by waking Alanna up a bit early and taking her to an art opening at 10 AM.

Yes, an odd time, but it was the unveiling of artwork purchased by the county for the Ulster County Rural Transportation building, which is normally only open to the public for meetings.

It was great to see my friends get commissions for a public space, and it is always delightful to see government investing in art, but I was a bit disappointed that all these wonderful paintings are hidden away from the public eye, especially since my tax dollars paid for it and I would love to have access to it.

The food was nice, I got to meet gallery owner James Cox (all these years I had never formally met him) and to see some of my artist friends who attended to support their fellow artists. It was a nice "wake up" to the day and I left quite cheery. Plus, I hooked up with a few people who have children or grandchildren and want to have a play date.

I had grand plans for the afternoon, but the constant heavy downpours and thunderstorms put a damper on the day as I did not want to drag Alanna around in the middle of it. So we picked flowers, cooked, cleaned, I put more cards in my Etsy store and did productive things like organize my "tupperware" draw and weed out the tops without bottoms and vica versa.

The final part of the day was a party in the "Ridge" with four other women friends. The ride there was beautiful; mist floating on the corn fields, embracing the mountain tops. Great food and company, always lots of laughs. I have committed myself to hosting a beer pong party soon for the girls as they have never played it. Isn't that nuts...a group of 40-50+ women playing beer pong. What has this world come to?

Sister is coming with her family for a day in the country. I hope the weather cooperates as we planned a day outside with the kids, a walk to a neighborhood party,and a visit to the playground to feed the animals. If it rains, we will have to figure out the next game plan with 2 four year olds and one very active 2 year old, in a non-child proofed house!!!

Photo was taking when I pulled off into a corn field to get the shot. Only thing is, I don't have a good zoom on my aging digital camera, and I did not get the shot I wanted. So in order to save it, I photoshopped it for the blog and for reference.

Off to get ready for DAY #2!!

Patti O Vacation


annie kelleher said…
i had a dream about you... for some reason i wrote about you in my blog...

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