A New Read

I started a new book, "Water for Elephants". I was immediately engrossed, and I wonder what my fascination is for things like HBO's now defunct series "Carnival" (too weird for the general public?) and books like these, especially when I have never been to a circus.

I have gone to the local police carnival for 25 years, and watched it change year after year. Larry has photographed many of the carnies...and talks easily to them. They have let him into their little world year after year, especially when he gives them fabulous 8 x 10 photos of them. It is a strange world, one that has been captured by the likes of Mary Ellen Marks and others.

Off to read more. Perhaps it is through the imagination of others that I can live such a colorful life, and also by throwing in an adventure or two of my own. My ride in a plane that was built to be part of a side show 80 years ago has fulfilled my adventure quota for this week. Maybe.

patti o flyer


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