Definately Slogging

Washington Avenue, Kingston, NY
Heading up Route 28
Heading into Woodstock
Heading back home in the storm.
(PS...did not finish this last night due to bad I am finishing up to post now, as the sun is shining through the French windows of my sun porch)

Energy level low, along with the atmospheric pressure.
Health in the yellow zone, hovering on the line where it becomes orange.
I eat carefully today, and sleep a lot.

I am angry.
The house is a mess.
It is the weekend.
There are openings and parties.
And the market, and shopping, and gardening.
And painting.

But I must listen to my body. Being able to do a few things is better than being able to do nothing.

So I must rest.

Later afternoon, the sun was shining strong, and I rolled myself out of bed to go to a few of the openings. I had already decided not to go to any of the three parties I was invited to. But a nice ride in the 82 degree sun in the lovely evening light was enticing, as well as seeing a few of my art friends.

As soon as I hit the road, the darkness rolled in. The storm gathered, and I wondered if I would make it to Woodstock before I got the roof back up.

Photos of my ride into the maelstrom.

I went to the Center for Photography opening and met some of the new interns and artist in residence, and then off to Vargas.

Perhaps it was the head I was in, but I left pondering where I fit in---in this art life I have chosen. Openings are not my favorite, and it is such a struggle to get my art into shows, never mind sell it. And then the self doubt and critical voice creeps in from time to time when I look at others art and wonder "what am I doing here? Do I belong here?" At Vargas, while standing under the umbrella of the big question mark, I leave and am swallowed up by darkness and fog.

Later on following my post on Facebook, Woodstock Ross reminds me - its about passion and exorcising demons. Thanks for the reminder Ross. The rest doesn't matter.

Patti O Muser

photos of the ride up to town....


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