Father's Day at Olana

For a Father's Day adventure, Larry was to choose a destination.

No.1, located somewhere in the Berkshires, was a botanical garden. Too far for the time that we had. We had to be home early enough for the once-happy-free-range-hormone-free chicken to go in the oven so that we could eat dinner at a reasonable hour.

No 2, was Olana. That always excites me as I can NEVER had enough of Olana, home of Frederick Church, of Persian and Italian architectural foundations. A few of my paintings are of the view from Olana, and each set of digital photos that I take on the road is a story unto its self. Light changes, the river changes, as does the color, the clouds, the flora. Me. My camera.

This visit I took some unusual pictures while exploring the properties of photographing against glass, shooting into Church's studio. No flash used of course. Straight on gave an eerie quality through the glass, back and at an angle provided me with three layers; the landscape, the photographer and the inside of the studio. Pictured here "The Ghost of Frederick". The other, "Petra", is named after the painting that you can see on the wall.

We explored a few of the back roads on the trip there, Larry obliging me as I wanted to shoot the Catskills in the rain storm. At one point we drove to the river where the road entered a factory, there was a private road which led to a few houses, and the railroad tracks a stones throw away.

I climbed up on the crushed stone to the tracks, and took a few shots. I felt a strange connection to it as I did while photographing from the bi-plane. Or was it a strange thrill. Whatever it is ...there are vibrations and inspirations which produce art.

The end of the story...I made that wonderful dinner at the end of the day, but Larry got very sick and could not eat. The good news: Megan, Dole, and Ross got to eat what I cooked. The bad news: when Larry was able to eat later, there were no left overs.

So tonight I cooked him another wonderful dinner...to make up for it.

Patti O Shooter
(all photos copyright....and taken with a Canon Powershot A75. I love that little camera. It has served me well, and still not quite ready to die on me.


annie kelleher said…
wow those are beautiful photos!!! sounds like a delightful father's day... so glad to see larry enjoyed his day!!!

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