Colorectal Surgeon Song

Today was a bit of a backslider, or should I say, a back sider. Ate a few things in the past 24 hours that my body did not take well. A reminder that I have to really watch what I do. Oh but it is soooo tiring, this two long months of being unwell and having to make serious diet and lifestyle styles. And in addition to the colitis, my acid reflux is breaking through the Prevacid.

I saw the doc yesterday and she gave me the diagnosis of cologenous colitis. One of the more unusual forms of colitis, usually found in women 50-70. Not much info on it, can go away on its own, or can be a lifetime affliction. Causes possibly a virus, bacteria, or an auto immune disorder.

Mine was serious, lots of inflammation and blood throughout the colon. Excess collagen is found in the large intestine interestingly enough. So that's where the collagen in my face has gone to....I wonder if somehow I can..... oh, no, forget that thought!

List of problem foods: fatty foods, lactose, non-Tylenol products, caffeine.

As Annie has reminded me, I must keep my immune system strong, and keep stress to a minimum.

Good thing school is ending soon.

Oh and thanks Annie for telling me that this disease may have almost killed your friend. A reminder that one should not ignore such things.

Hope you enjoy the video.

patti o bottom


Comfy Tummy said…
i just came across your blog while doing a google search for colitis. did your doctor tell you about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet? my doctor never told me, just prescribed me meds. the meds didn't help much, but the diet pretty much cured me. there is a book about it called "Breaking The Vicious Cycle" by Elaine Gottschall. I have more information about it on my blog -
inventivesoul said…
You made a good joke about the collagen

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