I am now in the habit of writing my blogs in the morning, while leisurely sipping on coffee. Day #2's blog is actually written on the morning of Day #3....

My goal for this summer is simple: to heal my body, and work on my paintings. Healing will take on many forms. Rest. Reading. Doing things that bring me joy, whether it be weeding one of the gardens, or working on my house, or art. Eating well.Enjoying friends. And saying NO to stress - especially stress that can be avoided - the drama kind.

My morning routine is simple and comforting. I wake up when my body says it's rested. Now that guests are gone and I have my meditation room almost back together, I will meditate for 10 minutes before going downstairs to feed the cats, make my one cup of coffee, open up the screened in back porch and step out to feel the early morning air. I put on the weather box (which Alanna now asks to hear so that she can determine if it is a sprinkler or pool day) and stretch. By then the coffee is brewed, and I sit down form a dose of AM computer.

After that, it's all a clean slate to design the day ahead of me.

Yesterday my sister, her hubby, and two little children came to visit. Because I was prepared with a clean (for me) house, food, and toys, the rest was cake and I was really able to have quality time with all of them. The highlight for the kids, and for us, was when Peter blew up the giant bouncing castle and probably much to the chagrin of the infamous neighbors (house pictured in photo) who had to listen to the squeals of three children for an hour or so. (I figure I owe them 1,000 of hours of that or similar noise from the dog barking).

It was a day so full of love in so many forms, and I tearfully said goodbye, telling my sister that we have to do this more. Such times are so important for the children, and as I get older, I embrace the time I have with my small family. Times like these are therapeutic and healing. And, when I flash back to the bad times, the times that were dark with abuse and lack of love or nurturing, I fast forward to the delightful times of childhood, or of adulthood, and focus of the memories of discovery, play, laughter, and sunlight, and I feel so much better.

To healing and the joy of family/friends.

Patti O Laughter

PS There is a battle going on over the day lillies. The deer like to eat them, and so do we. Alanna also loves them and I have to direct her to which ones she can eat so she doesn't eat a row of them, lol.


Enjoy your healing journey ... I look forward to wandering with you.

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