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The workshop with Zoe weil planted a seed very deep into my soul. I cannot go through a day where I don't think about how my actions and decisions are affecting others, animals, the environment.

I stop before I buy a bottle of water or juice, and think to myself, can I wait a bit, and get that in my classroom or at home without adding more waste to the landfill, or taking valuable water away from a farmer?

Lately I have been eating from my garden. I find it so fulfilling to go out into my very own yard and pick the most beautiful organic produce. So far I have harvested bok choy, several kinds of lettuce, peas, arugula, spinach, parsley, cilantro and rosemary. Sometimes it does get a bit monotonous to eat the same thing day after day, , but I think about how many people in the world live this way, making the best of each crop as they come into season. I must learn how to dry some of the herbs, or blanch/freeze/can the excess produce.

On Facebook, some of the people I know are raising more than they need in their garden in order to give those in need some great fresh produce. Perhaps I too can find a family who is in need, who would love to cook what I bring them.

Now I save all my paper bags and bring them to the farmers at the farmer's market instead of recycling them. The farmers are always grateful for them. I have developed a love and great respect for the local farmers, especially for those whom I have met who do their best to grow with the least impact on the environment and their customers.

All waste from my fruits/veggies, go into the freezer, then into the compost pile which eventually makes it back into the garden. I avoid the box stores, and try and support local business, and at the very least, US made.

I have become a bit obsessive with this, and certainly it takes more effort to make better decisions. But when I think of what we are doing to this earth, and how selfish and ignorant we are as a people about WHAT we are doing, I cannot let it lie anymore as just "something I heard on the news", or is something that happens "to someone else".

Off my soap box.

I just know that I have been infused with a newer way of thinking, and you know, I am glad for it. We live a really nice life here.....and folks, someday it ain't going to be so nice after we are done f-ing it all up.

And thanks for the responses to the blogs on Introverts. It has given the extroverts something to think about, and given comfort to those of us who are introverts.

Slinking off to a hot bath and then bed,

Patti O Hermit


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