And Thus the Day Went.........

Tough morning to get up as it was dark, raining, and I could hear the distant rumble of thunder crawling towards me as I stirred in my bed, thick with the remainder of dreams and distant memories of the night before.

I did my meditation in bed, and stumbled downstairs to make my juice and check my email.This was one morning where I really needed a cup of coffee to wake me up. In this state I juiced, but forgot to put the glass under the nozzle, so I juiced all over the counter and the floor before I realized what was happening.

In the craziness of now being late because I was cleaning up the mess, I forgot to take all of my meds which included my Pepto Dismal, which is supposed to keep me from going to the potty TOO many times in a day......

And thus the day went.

School was crazy. I won't discuss it here (saving it for the book) but kids went nuts, we had to lock down the classrooms and deal with a few incidents on hand. I seemed to be one of the few adults who was keeping their cool while the world was a dust storm around them. In keeping my cool, my students kept their cool, and we hung out in the dusky classroom working on various projects.

I came home to work on the house as Megan and her family are staying here tomorrow night, which meant mopping floors, doing laundry, cleaning and folding towels, cleaning up plaster. In the middle of it all some man comes knocking at the door selling magazines. He was from Chicago working with a program that takes people out of inner cities and gives them jobs around the country selling mags. Sounded legit enough, but I did not need any more magazines. Instead I donated some money to be used to give magazines to various local organizations.

He was from Chicago, and was trying very hard to be polite and proper. I gave him what I had in my wallet (sans a few dollars for lunch tomorrow) and wished him well.

Was he legit, or was he scamming? He had an honesty and simpleness about him, and gave the info as straightforward as he could. If he was a scammer, he still had a good heart....and if I can't give 15.00 to a brother.....then what good am I.

Painting was done on a snowy school day, where hardly anyone was in school. I found an oil painting by an 1800's artist (whose name eludes me) in a magazine, and I copied it in watercolor. One of my better studies...done on a grey day.

Patti O Muser


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