Against the Clock

It is time for bed, and my laptop battery is just about done for.

I have worked, and then made the round trip drive to Newark Airport. No small feat for one who has a city travel phobia. Thankfully my friend Kip came with me, so that I was able to do it without any major breakdowns. A few spells of whining, but no major freak-out fests. (ask Megan about the time I got lost in Yonkers on a dark rainy night. I think I did a bit of damage on that one)

But we're here and we are safe.

And they are all sleeping after a day of travel. Poor Alanna has THE bug, Megan was thrown up on all day by both children, and traveling alone across half of the country. "Good thing we are here for five weeks" she growled.

I am exhausted and remembered that grandparents hand the children back to the parents, and I preheat my bed and get ready for sleep, cause I have already DONE the parent thing. But I am a good right hand now and then.

Patti O Grandparent


Anonymous said…
Hahaha...awwww! Get her real ginger ale or maybe make something with ginger in it? Hope my goddaughter feels better. I want to come up and visit everyone. Maybe i will get a run for work up there this week.

much love,
annie kelleher said…
aww,... so sorry to hear the babies are sick, but am glad they all made it safe and sound! hope they all feel better soon! i guess there's something nasty going around.... hope it stays away from MY house!!!! :)))

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