Reincarnation Station

I have just returned from an overnight trip to celebrate both my and one of my dearest friend's birthdays. We went out to dinner with a few other mutual friends, and exchanged little gifts. She is a year older than me, and I met her when we were in the same painting class in college in 1977.

Since then we have been to each other's weddings, cried during each other's divorces, birthed our children and celebrated the life of our grandchildren. She housed me while I was homeless for a few weeks with my two babies, found me a place to live, and though we only see each other several times a year, and live very different lives, there is the bond of friendship that will never be broken.

It is awkward at times, as she is married to a very conservative Republican who is the head of his party in a place south of here which I won't mention (no sense in slandering anyone here)is a lawyer, and probably thinks of me as less than an equal due to my lower social status, my sex, and a dreaded liberal to boot. But my quick sense of humor and Scorpio tongue keeps his head spinning, and I told him I am like shoe shit---- I will always be back. I am sure he was glad to see me leave today, with my WTF Bush air freshener flashing him as I spun out of his McMansion driveway.

I had been away from my computer for a day, so first thing I did was check my emails. One of the more fun ones was a link from Annie called The Reincarnation Station. I answered the questions as truthfully as possible, and my animal that I will come back as is an OWL. It stated only 9% of the people will be reincarnated on a higher level than me.
I also did the survey by answering all the questions completely opposite of what I would normally answer, and this time it said I would come back as a rat,and 86% of people would come back as I higher being, but there is time to change. I'll take the owl thank you, as they EAT rats.

So give it a whirl, and if you dare, post your results here.

An owl. Hmmmm......I have always wanted to fly. They can see in the dark, have very good hearing, tear up their prey and swallow it whole (watch out you rats), they live in solitude, except when they mate and they don't bother to build nests for their eggs and babies (smart!) They court by preening one another's feathers,(yumm) and the male will make a gift of food to the female.(yeah baby)The only drawback is that this only happens once a year.

Off to the studio to get some work done. Later is a concert at the Egg to hear Shawn Colvin and Jeffrey Gaines!

Till the next report,

Patti O Incarnation


Judy Vars said…
I*m a rhino Almost 27% of people will be reincarnated as a higher form of life than you.

You're not perfect, but you've lead a better life than most. With a few changes now, your next life could be even better.

It's good I don't believe in reincarnation.
I couldn't resist. I am an elephant. 25% of people will be higher than I. OH my! Even though I no longer intentionally hurt anyone, I had to answer that I used to - ok, on purpose. =)

As far as your buddy's hubby....I know that feeling. I feel like I am the threat to marriages sometimes...the one that makes the hubby nervous single I am usually single and like to have fun. I have felt exactly the same as you described. And sometimes those guys are fun to unravel. Oops....back to unintentionally hurting anyone...
Anonymous said…
I'm a horse.

Only 20% of people will be reincarnated as a higher form of life than you.

Remain honorable in this life, and you can expect to be rewarded in your next life.

I hope I can live up to that.
Bellsys said…
I'm a shark! Only 5% of people will be higher than me. Maybe that is only because all the others I have eaten??? {{{start the Jaws music}}}

I get a kick out of the intro..."it is a widely accepted 'fact' that when a person...

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