I'll Give You Some--------SOMEDAY

My life is becoming pretty mundane. Work, work, and more work.

This time of year it is to be expected as I have lots of shows that I enter, both my fine art and my crafts. I try not to think about the economy too much, though looking at my finances, I will be giving lots of handmade gifts for the holiday season. They are better gifts I think, and I can give a really wonderful gift when I give someone something I have made. I can't afford to spend 50-100.00 on a person, but I CAN give a small piece of artwork that would sell for that much.

Megan is sick, and I am beginning to feel sick myself. Megan just ran out to get more Zicam, and some cough medicine. We are drinking Emergen-C too.

I crack myself up when I am making some of my cards. I should give this to Larry for a laugh. He thought he had a hard time getting any BEFORE the three guests set up residence in my small house.

Now I know what I will give him for Christmas. A priceless gift.
Ho Ho Ho.
Oh Oh Oh.

Patti O Jokester


Judy Vars said…
Hi Patti,
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hope Megan feels better tomorrow. My hubby is feeling yuckey also so I will take care of him (he usually does the cooking.)
There is nothing like the priceless gift for Christmas.
ps indirect is painting is layers letting each dry before applying to the next layer.
annie kelleher said…
id rather have something made by someone who loved me than a store bought thing or cash any day!!! i hope your daughter feels better and that the kidlets dont catch anything! hope you stay healthy too!!! have a wonderful day tomorrow!

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