The Morning After

What I love about Halloween is that I can dress like the way I do when I go out, or the way I would LOVE to dress if I did not fear people thinking I am a freak. Yeah, no matter where I wear my leather pants, people look. When I wear my green sweater that looks like someone's overgrown lawn, someone ALWAYS has a comment. I love my cowboy boots, (I have gulp - 5 or so pairs) I love my ruana from Ireland, and I love my Renaissance dresses from Moresca.

But I just can't wear them all the time and anywhere I like. Especially when I need to keep a low profile or when I don't want people staring at me.

Yesterday I wore a cobbed together FAB leather pants (one of the best investments I ever made) my black leather boots, my hairy sweater and my horns which I bought on Etsy which looked REAL. Though I did not look like any one sort of creature, I certainly looked wild. (photos will be forthcoming as soon as someone gives me one from school)

I took my lunch break to go into town to find some gold body paint for a student. It was over 60 degrees, so I put down the top, and in my outfit, went shopping and to lunch. It was very funny because uptown Kingston is suit land, and noone was out in costume save for me. It got some laughs and looks of appreciate of the costume, and some gawks. I just chuckled and thought how wonderful a day it was and I felt totally at ease, costume and all.

When I got home it was soooo fab out that I decided to take all the clothes sitting in my living room to the Salvation Army. The man working there asked me if I was going to a party. I told him no, this was my normal dress. haha. Then I took the car to the car wash and cleaned it top to bottom.

I drove home and freaked. The streets were packed with kids and cars. I had intended to work in the studio, but knew that too many people could see me in there with the lights on and I did not want to do that as most of the people get imported into our neighborhood from other places, and I did not think it wise opening myself to the staring eyes of some who might be casing my place out.

I called a friend practically begging for her to let me come over. I had a bottle of wine, a tub of Pringles (I know, so bad) I had to get out of this bedlam. She was home for Halloween to give out candy, but she only had a total of 10 kids, so most of our time was hanging out and chatting.

Dinner, and a bottle of wine later, it was safe to return home where the curfew was strictly enforced at 7 pm. Larry was home, his evening was fun at the Center for their Halloween event, and all ended without mishap.

Photo of Larry's costume, and of a bat we bought this summer in Wellfleet from Bali or another one of the Indonesian Islands.

Patti O Dresser


An independent soul indeed! There have to be those of us who will be amongst the Suits of the world, in our mode of dress. I work for Corporate USA and hardly anyone wore anything....however, they expected me to. And I didn't disappoint, I was dressed. But still. No one? Except the barista at the coffee counter down the hall? I will give props to those who thought to wear their pumpkin earrings, shirts or orange gear for the sake of the holiday but wouldn't it be so cool if everyone could bust out of the invisible shackles....even for a day like Halloween where it is acceptable??

The grass sweater....maybe in the early Spring you can (without maiming the material) put earthworms and flowers on it.... =)
Anonymous said…
I went to a Parlor session at WKZE lunchtime in my debutant outfit, pearls gloves, etc. (yes I even wore stockings and little heels). Megan was a cat creature. Afterwards we had to stop at mall was fun, plenty of double takes. lol I do love Halloween, not the commercialization of the pagan holiday, but getting to become another creature, person, etc. KiSS
annie kelleher said…
i wore my favorite costume - frazzled parent :). sounds like a delectable halloween!!!
Judy Vars said…
I wore my blue wig and tatoos and went to a party!
A 7:00 cerfew sounds like a good idea.
P.A. GIbbons said…
man I got some girlfriends who rock!

love you all! xxxpatti

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