Running Through

After day 7 of working two jobs, then going out till late, all I am good for is a blurt on how I spent my blog time tonight making a folder of thoughts for future blogs before they fade into the black hole of lost inspirations and ideas.

Have you ever had that happen? You are in a place where you have neither computer nor pencil, or toilet paper to write upon---perhaps it in the shower, or while you are driving in intense traffic, or while you are on line at Walmart because you had to buy the ONE thing that the local merchants did not have. The idea explodes, then another and another and all of a sudden they go whoosh.....into the vortex.......never to be seen again. The brilliant blogs, the poems, the ideas for an image that you want to paint NOW but can't.

So now I collect them as they come, and am stuffing them in the folder of "ideas".

Patti O Organizer

The Photo? Just a reminder that spring will come again


Woodstock said…
Mnemonics? checkity check it out?

I want glugg,
Oh how I know that feeling.

And how my house is littered with tiny pieces of paper with a few words on them of inspiration.

I do the same with my blog - well, actually I just put a few words in about the idea, then title it so I'll remember what it is and save it as a draft. Sometimes I go back and finish them - maybe 50% of the time.

Its hard for us creative folk, isn't it?

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