So part II of today's blog.

As I pulled into the parking lot at school, my friend was blowing her horn at me in celebration of Obama's victory. She is black, and the only reason why I even say she is black, is because we have been sisters in this fight and hope for a new America.In my fantasy world, Obama will bring blacks and whites closer together..more so than ever. I have watched the magic happen even BEFORE he was elected.

The irony of it all is that I have recently been accused of being racist by some students...me, of all people. Me, who hangs with people from all nations, all colors, all religions. Me who does not see color, except on my palette.

It was very tense today in school. Many of us faculty were screaming and doing dances, hugging one another in the halls. There were those who said nothing and stood stony faced. Many students were heard to say "that N----- got in" and they were angry. I try not to judge them as I know that they are probably hearing this at home. However, if this is what I hear in blue state New York, I can only IMAGINE what is being said in other areas of the country. Yet I will be hopeful and send out healing and love. I constantly remind myself as I remind you --- about the law of attraction.

I am deeply disappointed in the continuation of homophobia that exists in this country. Arkansas not allowing anyone who is single to adopt or do foster care -- WTF?! It is insulting to single parents....insinuating that they are not good enough to care for children = and it blocks gays/lesbians from adopting too. Proposition 8 passing. Shame on you California. I thought better of you than that.

So now I will send my meager extra money to the HRC (Human Rights Campaign).

It is so ironic .... that in Arkansas single parents can't adopt or foster a child, but a proposition passes in California that requires that egg-laying hens be raised in roomier cages or no cages at all. WTF I say again.

Off to bed. I am tired after all of this. But I still have hope for America, though I know it will be a long and arduous process to fix a government that has wrecked the economy, sent its youth to a war based upon lies, and still perpetuates prejudice, bigotry and homophobia.

We have a long way to go, but this is a start.


annie kelleher said…
yes!! there is hope - hope tested and forged in the bitter cauldron of the last 8 years. a stronger hope, a more focused hope. and maybe now we can understand what we are up against in a way that will allow us to address the root cause - ignorance and fear - with kindness and love, though not necessarily tolerance for rude and unacceptable behavior. i think of my mother who genuinely believes and tries to be a "good" person in hte moral or religious sense, and yet, is so blinded by a myriad of fears and misunderstandings, she can't see how hard and cold and mean she is...
Judy Vars said…
you make me smile

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