Make Up Confessions

I don't wear a lot of makeup, or what I consider a lot. Sometimes I leave my house buck ass face naked, mucky hair and all, and other times you can see me looking like I have been studying too much Egyptology. Most of the time it is somewhere in the middle. As a public person, I have to put my best face forward!

Funny how as a young person, I wore more makeup than I do now, and probably needed it much less. Why is it that young people feel they have to wear tons of makeup, when they have porcelain young glowing skin, lush lashes, plump red lips....what I would GIVE to have the skin of my youth back! Now, when I could use a glow, or a bit of blush, I say BAH, too much work, I look too fake, so I am happy just the way I am, even if blotchy, dry, patchy or the color of sour milk - the latter a phrase my AP English teacher used for me.

If I had to choose use only ONE type of makeup, lipstick would be it. I love to draw on my lips, applying the color of my mood. Red, brown, a goth dark plum, or sweet sixteen pink.

When I go to work, or am going out, I wear mascara, sometimes a bit of shadow and/or eyeliner. Eyeliner is like an exclamation point at the end of a sentence on one's eyes. I never wore eyeliner until I was in a pin up girl shoot at Isis's house last year. She also had us paint our fingernails red (yikes-that was the beginning of a new relationship with my nails, I had to grow some!) and we wore false eye lashes for the shoot. Now THAT was a transformation for this 20's flapper model.

Admittedly as an artist I like to use line whether on my lips or eyes, to adorn my face, and would like to do it more, but I think people would think me a freak if I started getting too decorative.

And another confession, I have two pairs of eyelashes that I bought in the Halloween Costume section of Walgreens---a rhinestone adorned set, and one that is made of different kinds of feathers. You never know when someday I will have the occasion to wear them - a shoot, a party, a dare.

But the entire intent of this blog is to say that for the first time in my life I am in love with a mascara that Karen bought me for my birthday from theBody SHop It has a beautiful brush, great coverage and no clumps. It may be 18.00, but my 10.00 tube just doesn't cut it after using this! L'Oreal, we're finished, you've been replaced!

Plus, the Body Shop is a really good company to buy from. Click on the link to see what they have been doing for years.

Patti O Painter


annie kelleher said…
i could live with mascara and lipstick or lipgloss forever... i dont really feel the need to wear much more than that... ever... which is probably one more really good reason they don't let me out much! :)

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